Yo no hablo del principio y del fin. Jamás hubo otro principio que el de ahora, ni más juventud o vejez que las de ahora, y nunca habrá otra perfección que la de ahora, ni más cielo o infierno que éstos de ahora.


Tell Laura I love her

enero 13, 2012



It’s such a pleasant coincidence, my best two releases, as well as my best two videos from 2011 belong to the same artist. Each one at its best in both categories. As the best release and by the way the best music video I’d choose Fleet Foxes «Helplessness Blues» and the «Shrine/An argument». My next favourite one would be the young soul-folk Michael Kiwanuka with «Tell me a tale EP» and the same title video. Why? Well Fleet Foxes «Helplessness Blues»  its absolutely brilliant, disarmingly beautiful. A pastoral utopia where psychedelic folk meets poetry, its all about Beach Boys, Beatles, Pentangle, Dylan… The «Shrine/Argument» video its the animated trippy piece created by Fleet Foxes frontman’s brother Sean Pecknold to accompany this mind-blowing suite, its just a match made in heaven, the perfect surreal marriage.

Michael Kiwanuka has been the great discover of the year, his peacefuly. lazy as autumn soul-folk cramed my ears the last months. I found pretty weird not to see «tell a a tale EP» as one of the best music moments from 2011 in music media ..hoping 2012 it ill be his year, look out! his new album coming out on march. In Michael Kiwanuka, songs talk about him self, this young london-based showes a strange mature vintage sound that fits delicate soul-folk, talented vocal harmonies, bluesy tones and jazzy breaks. A breeze feel on a deep mid emphasis and a slow burning intensity. He shows a lot of promise, a hopefully classic in the making.

What about the video? Well just I love Berlin, Mauer park on a sunny sunday on super 8, more than enough.

Folk Core turns into tumblr

noviembre 21, 2011

Folk Core becomes Slim Slow Slider into Tumblr..Check It Out!!!


Hiperhibridos de Pablo Gallo

noviembre 21, 2011

«Hiperhibridos» es la segunda obra de Pablo Gallo, una serie de caricaturas a escritores ilustres fundidos con figuras populares del mundo del comic, el cine, la musica, etc.. Como expresa el autor, la finalidad de un hiperhibrido es despojar del «peso excesivo» que suele acompañar a la figura del escritor celebre…lo consigue haciendonos pasar un buen rato.

Los Ramones «Ramon Gomes de la Serna», Ramon del Valle Inclan, Juan Ramon Jimenez»


Nicholas Haggard

Submarine kiss scene

agosto 8, 2011